giraffe sighting in Madison Heights/Warren

Today at about 6:20pm Eastern Time I spotted a guy on a 5 or 6 foot giraffe here in Michigan. He crossed Dequindre at 12 Mile and went north on Dequindre. I wonder if he reads these forums…are you here, do we know you?

I was driving one of these and got your attention with the air horn and a thumbs up:

If you’re here I hope you reply and say hi! :smiley:

Wow, is that two random unicycle sightings from the same area? It’s so rare for me to see random unicyclists out in “the world.”

But last weekend, on one of our regular rides around Lake Natoma, a guy came down the bike path going the other way on a 24" or 26" MUni-looking unicycle. He appeared to be in his mid-20s or so, and I never saw him before. He had earbuds in and smiled and waved, but he didn’t stop (I think he was with two bicyclists). Very rare!

If you really want to track down Detroit-area unicyclists try contacting RTUC (if you aren’t a member):

My guess is that it is not. That the second is comment spam. That is only a guess, of course.