Giraffe side hop

I’ve found that when I’m hopping on my giraffe I can only get about 20 inches. I’ve tried really hard and I just cant get any higher. I use prehops and my air pressure is good. any tips??


It may be the weight.

you can only hop 20 inches!!! I think almost every one else here can hop AT LEAST 36" on their giraffes.

I like to do 7’ drops on mine.

ive never ridden a giraffe but it seems like it would be harder to hop on. are you kidding about height? (36")

The topic name is side hop. Are we talking side hop or height? Side hops should be relatively easy on a giraffe, within reasonable distances…

Ooops! My sarcasm was misdirected.

I was attempting to be funny. I’m just happy I can ride my giraffe forward!