giraffe sale tonight starts at midnight (one day only)!!!!!

some sweet deals if you wanna ride high and get the girls!

the prices will change at midnight?

Don’t you mean one month only?


OOPPPS i lied two days …once again 2days

starting 12 ish tonite until 48 hours from then…get one or two for your grandma

How cheap are we talking here? I think it would be cool to have the Nimbus conversion one. Or def the 3 wheeler for parades and fundraising walks!

Whos midnight?

Lots of timezones here in internet land

Are these prices going to be lower than the current sale?

That 5 to 7 foot converted has been that cheap all month.

EST I’d assume since thats where they are located, and yeah, the prices are going even lower.

I wanna 2 wheeler but don’t have any money.

Should be seeing the new prices soon.

edit: Wow, the convertible giraffe is almost half off. Someone should buy that or the delux double chain and put a trials wheel on it. If anyone has wanted a giraffe uni lately now is certainly the time to get one.

I wonder if the UK site will ever make similar offers? Looks like USA only? Some very cheap prices there.


we are a very demanding customer base eh?