Giraffe rider appears in the online San Fran newspaper

Right-hand side, click on “Day in Pictures”. Scroll through using the “Next” button to the unicycle photo.

Here’s the caption:

"We’ve heard of multitasking, but this is ridiculous: Pete Hasemeier, a student at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, says he prefers a unicycle to a regular bike because it leaves his hands free to hold a umbrella and use his cell phone. This may be a law waiting to be passed. "


I found that story in my article search but couldn’t find the photo from the Columbus Dispatch which originally published it.

Here is their somewhat more prosaic caption:

“Ohio University student Pete Hasemeier uses an unusual mode of transportation to make his way through Athens to a clothing store. Hasemeier, of Athens, says he prefers a unicycle because it frees his hands for tasks, such as talking on a cell phone and holding an umbrella to fend off yesterday’s rain. He is studying to become a chiropractor.”

And thanks, Bruce, I have new wallpaper now. :slight_smile: