Giraffe questions

A few giraffe questions

  1. on a 5 foot giraffe, roughly how far from the ground are your feet?

Concerning these 2 giraffes

Does anyone own one of the Nimbus 5 foot single chain giraffes? If so, is it a fairly sturdy unicycle that feels like it should last a long time?

I guess the 5/7 foot double chain ‘nimbus performer’ will be more sturdy, but, as I’m unlikely to want to use the 7 foot option, the cheaper option may be better (though the fact that the performer can pack down to suitcase size is appealing).

I wold guess it could be done with basic math…

If you have a 30 inch inseam and the seat height is 5 feet

5 feet = 60 inches
60 - 30 = 30
So I would guess that at the bottom of the pedal stroke, your foot is going to be about 30 inches from the ground… or 2 1/2 feet…

This is of course guessing. Assuming that the seat at perfect 5 feet is a good position for your 30 inch inseam… So your mileage may vary. But it should be some what close


I own a Nimbus 5 footer I bought used off Craigslist. It is a high quality giraffe but the current (new) version has at least one improvement.

As for the height of your feet off the ground, it will average about 33 inches. That is where the middle of the top sprocket is regardless of the seat height. Dismounting is therefore not an issue if your feet are healthy and you dismount in a controlled fashion.

The links you posted did not work for me but I assume you listed the Nimbus giraffes. They have the following features I like very much:

Comfortable gell seat
Double walled rim
Bolt on bottom sprocket as opposed to a track hub style sprocket setup

My unicycle has unfortunately become bent in not one but two directions. That is the problem with most giraffes if you drop them instead of catch them when dismounting. I believe the Nimbus can probably withstand many unintentional drops without bending but you want to limit them of course. In my case, I fell off once and managed to land on the uni frame with all my weight. This bent it one direction. The other bend was discovered after bringing it to a busy skydiving facility. I suspect it was abused when I was not around it.

I plan on simply bending the frame back. It is perfectly ridable right now, its just a bummer knowing it is bent.

You basically have 3 choices for a new giraffe in the 5 footer range. Nimbus which I say is the best choice. Torker I’d say is number 2 because they aren’t as sturdy and have track hubs. And last, you could have one custom made by The Unicycle Factory. Tommy from The Unicycle Factory will admit that the mass produced ones are hard to beat for the money. He can’t compete with the economy of scale they have. His value is in the taller ones which HAVE to be made extremely sturdy.

Bottom line, buy the Nimbus and have fun!