Giraffe on the loose in downtown Seattle

We take a lot of uni pics, and some come out okay. The one below taken by my wife is one of the few that have come out really okay.

I especially like the visual and technical parallels between the uni frame structure and the Space Needle. The photo seems a little lonely to me, but if you could only see the grin on the other side of that kid’s head…

Most of the other shots in that gallery also feature my son on his inaugural ride of his new giraffe. Not a big surprise since Mom was wielding the camera. What we missed was capturing some of the great riding that others did at Gasworks that day. There was some serious trials work being done by Sabin, Harper, John_Childs, and Unibrier. Maybe someone else there that day will post some of those.

Re: Giraffe on the loose in downtown Seattle

And when I say “we”, I mean “me, my wife, and my son”. Not trying to dis the photo-taking skills of the RSU population. :sunglasses:

That photo is very reminiscent of Woody Hooten on the Roseville Telephone phonebook.

Woody’s phonebook photo (Scroll down to the middle of the page)

That’s a good photo.

That is some serious heartland… What a shot. It needs to be accompanied by a Pat Metheny acoustic guitar cut…maybe something off of “Beyond the Missouri Sky”. Jjuggle: other suggestions for soundtrack?

After re-reading my post I can see that there could be some confusion about which photo my “That’s a good photo” comment was referring to. Sloppiness on my part. My comment was in reference to the photo of Miles. Woody’s photo is also very nice, but he had to sell his soul for that shot. Miles got off a lot easier since it was his birthday.

And how did you manage to edit me out of the photo? I could have sworn that I was riding around in circles in front of Miles trying to make him fall. :thinking:

They’re both good shots. I didn’t edit you out, you’re just not there from a time-stamp perspective. You were actually about two feet from the shot just off “stage left”, riding full tilt toward Miles. Three seconds after this shot was taken–you might recall–you zoomed across his path and took him out at the knees. All because he had the nerve to question if you really broke that Profile crank…

good pics!

Just starting to ride, after 25+ years, I’m reminded of how difficult that tall thig is! Thanks for the memories!

That picture first reminded me of this one:

They both have sunset light in them. Unless you guys like to get up sick-early…

Is the Experience Music Project still in Seattle???

Yup. Right here. Quite an interesting building.

More pictures of the EMP building.

Just to come full circle with Seattle, Giraffes, and EMP:

The TCUC tall giraffe riders were all staged at (against) the EMP for the Unicon Torchlight Parade.

That’s cool, thanks for the link! Went a couple of years ago and had a blast! :slight_smile: Ah the James Brown tour of Funk…