giraffe on eBay

I noticed this on eBay, a 5 foot giraffe (not including chain) that is priced at $79.99 + 35 shipping and has no bids with 1 day 6 hours left.
eBay giraffe

My brother just bought one on eBay new for $125. It’s a torker.


I wouldn’t do it without finding out more about it, you will have to buy two chains for it because one wont be long enough and that will cost at least fifteen dollars so you will have at least $130 into it and you don’t know what kind it is, or what kind of seat it has it could have a savage which is the cruelest of seats and would need to be replaced. You can buy a new torker from for $129. On the other hand if it turns out to be a miyata then it’s a great deal, if it’s turquoise green it’s probably a miyata, if it’s chrome it’s probably similar to a torker or another cheaper giraffe, a friend of mine has a cheap chrome giraffe and it has an odd size seat post and had a savage seat and he had to have a custom seatpost made so he could put a standard seat on it.