giraffe muni???

I have just ordered a 5ft giraffe and im going to have a try at muni on it, just wondering if anybody knows that will actually take the strain of a muni ride, hopping off around 1m heights and that?

It will until it doesn’t. Much depends on your technique, and what model of giraffe you will be riding. Obviously they aren’t made with that sort of activity in mind, so take it easy and you will probably get lots of rides out of it.

Look also for some comments at the other recent thread: Giraffe Muni

I have looked at that other thread and it certainly seems plausable, but will have to see. I have ordered just a stock one from UDC so a doubt that will take some of the bigger drops, but look out for the video in march :slight_smile:

Not that I begrudge anyone wanting to try Muni on a giraffe, but I still don’t see the purpose. It seems damned foohardy to me. :astonished:

Please don’t take this as negative criticism, I guess I just have a stronger sense of self-preservation at my age.

Having said that most non-riders don’t understand Muni on a giraffe or otherwise.

Its more of ’ just to see if it can be done’ been riding MUNI now 7 years so i believe i have enough experience to try it, but a believe a bad fall will put me off the idea…it will just be a try and find out

20 inch unis aren’t much fun to ride muni on. I personally see no point in riding a twenty thats just higher off the ground. It sounds unnecessarily dangerous without the benefit of enjoyment. And I have a hard time seeing it taking ANY kind abuse, especially 1m drops.

Yes, 20" wheels pretty much suck for rough terrain. That’s why Scot Cooper used a 26" on his giraffe.

I rode giraffes first, before MUni. I’m pretty sure that was the correct order for those two, but don’t let that stop you! :slight_smile:

I managed to get the giraffe on the cheap only reason im doing it otherwise a wouldnt of looked at them, presently i do MUNI on a 24" as the place i do it is more of a steep gully which i have put work into to make it a unicycle fun house, so its not as much of a distance job with it its more of a hop an downhill and along tree trunks


Watch out for low branches on woodland trails. :astonished:

It arrives tomorrow so al find out, just watch out for a video in about 3-4 weeks

Let’s hope for a video :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed That For You :wink: