Giraffe, Muni, Trails, or Commuter?

I have $200 (USD) and am rying tomake a decision.

Should I buy a Giraffe?
Either the 5ft torker or something else at

Should I buy a new Muni wheelset(i wouldsave up some bucks for a good one).
Something in the wheelsets selection under 250.

Should i save up and but a new Trails unicyle.

Should i save and buy Jagur’s or a commuter.

I am mainly into muny having a custom Yuni muni that i use in a nearby trail for up to 6ft drops(pretty occasionally) and it does fine but i might do some travelling and if i do hard rock instead of dirt that might be a problem for a 2 year old wheelset(except for tires) Ive had a crank fixed and the rim straightened a couple moths ago because the crank was pointed down(or up) and the rim would rub on the frame so they are all stressed and its a cruddy rim to begin with so i am leaning towards that.

I want a giraffe. I have had a dream of riding and it just seems like fun.

I do some trials on my muni but i want to be able to get the hops and do ore ridey stuff when i go to town.

I might want a commuter to get around and fly.

I would like to know form you that have tried these which is a more cost worthy choice?

There aren’t really any good Trials Uni’s for <$200. If you decide to buy a new trials unicycle, I would save up another one or two hundred first.

save up for the 20" onza. i was doing trials on my muni too and thought a 20" wouldnt make that much of a difference. ic ouldnt have been more wrong. having a trials uni rules!

I am the proud owner of a Torker Unistar TX giraffe, and they are a whole lot of fun. It’s a great attention-getter, and it’s cheap. There’s nothing like pedaling along when your head is 8 or 9 feet of hte ground. And, if you felt the need, you could gear it up to perform like a commuter. (I’m sure someone else here has done this, and would have some words of advise)

However, you sound like you’re looking to venture into a new realm of uni world. And, although I highly recommend giraffe, it isn’t much different than riding a regular unicycle. You might want to check out the Nimbus 26" muni on It’s pretty practical for commuting, and it’s built to go offroad. You’d have to mow some lawns or something to cover shipping, but I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed.

I agree with him. A giraffe is fun for about a week in my opinion. First you’ll ride it, then learn to mount. Then learn to do as many freestyle tricks as possible on it. After that you’ll probably just leave it out as a conversation piece and ride it occasionally to get looks.

Personally I’d save up a little more money and get something that will keep you busy for a while, like a MUni or trials uni. The you can spend a bunch of years learning to ride and getting better.

Re: Giraffe, Muni, Trails, or Commuter?

I agree with your earlier posters. Go read Carol McLean’s thread “What’s your favorite? Informal poll”. It will shed light on what uniers are finding the MOST enjoyable pursuits.

If you simply must spend only that $200, You can get a giraffe that will do what giraffes do. They’re fun. You can learn a trick or two. Good wow factor. Basically, you ride around way up there in the sky. Then…well…you ride around some more up there. Then…maybe some more. Ok, now its time to go have some real fun. Trials or MUni, IMHO and the O of many others answering Ms McLean’s thread, has more hours chock full of fun. I ride our giraffe 1/1000th as much as MUni.

For $200 you’ll get all the giraffe you’ll ever need.

Nice to have a bunch of uniers around. You need about one giraffe for every 15 riders. Everyone learns it, gets it out of their system, hangs it from the ceiling, and rides off down the trail together.

Obie, you hit the nail right on the head there!!!

I got a 6ft’er last Christmas, and for the first week or so, it was REALLY fun, but you are limited the places you can go on it.

I am still pleased I got it, as I do shows, parades and I’m in a pantomime in January on it, but I got a Muni, Freestyle and Trials first! The giraffe is the last unicycle you should have on your list if you want a uni you can use very regularly! (Some people may disagree)


I think I’'l just save up for a good trails uni for 300 bucks or something and then ill get a giraffe next year or for my birfday in july. Thanks for all your imput!

Should i get the 169.00 nimbus and some upgrades or save up for a few months to get the Yuni??? Because im used to doing like 4 to 6ft drops on dirt and gravel but ive only done a three footer on cement because i live just outside of town where i have to ride 20 minutes to get to an unbuilt house ten ask for some scrapwood to build a trials setup(i made a ramp up a fence and jumped of onto the road) and whenever i got into town ive been abel to manage a sloppy pedal grab but nothing like Undernoinfluence or universe for another year. Im pretty sure im gonna go with the nimbus unless something is gonna break right away.




Good idea. Get a uni that will keep you busy for a while. Then, when you’ve got some money to blow down the road, if you still want a giraffe, buy one. The others were right though: one giraffe per 10-15 people is enough.

If you are doing 5-6ft drops, I recommend you save your money for a while and get a uni with a splined hub and cranks. A square-taper hub and cotterless cranks wouldn’t stand up to that type of abuse for long. Also, with a good splined uni you could have a lot more confidence in your hardware. Also you could be confident that you won’t need to buy another uni for at least a few years.

I think the KH20 is a good buy for trials. People say it’s a bit heavy, but it’s actually not too bad. It feels almost unbreakable. Good luck with whatever you get and happy new year!