giraffe muni-ing!!!

i really wanna go muni-ing on my giraffe butim afraid it would hurt alot when u fell…or if u could evan ride muni on it and what not

if anyone has tried this plz answer

i want to no if i should try it:(

What sort of giraffe do you have? Can you freemount it? Are you good at dismounting safely?

Giraffe MUni has been done, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea, especially not if you mean hardcore MUni. Light trail riding on a giraffe shouldn’t be that dangerous, and would definitely be do-able.

I stick to freestyle on my giraffe.

a 5 footer i cant free mount but i can dismount really good lol

That thread has my favorite pic of Scot Cooper on his giraffe muni. Thats some crazy stuff!

I suggest you learn to freemount before you look at MUni or other activities on your giraffe. You don’t want to be stuck on the ground a long ways from a pole or wall or ladder or whatever you use to get on. Freemounting a giraffe is not easy, but it’s not terribly hard either. I suggest you spend some time working on freemounting, because it really does make giraffe riding a whole lot more enjoyable.

If you want to do MUni on your giraffe, you should probably also learn to dismount without letting the unicycle roll. The way I do this is to pull the seat out in front and immediately jump off the pedals, while still keeping hold of the unicycle. The advantage of this method is that the unicycle stays vertical; it won’t ram into rocks or trees with potentially dangerous consequences.

Here’s a thread which discusses giraffe MUni.

A little late on the draw.
Anyway I have been wondering. What kind of a frame would be appropriate for GMuni? I would think most frames would get wrecked by this. I don’t have a giraffe, but I have just always wondered about this.

ok thanks

what kind of 5 footer?


im not trying 2 hijack your thread but how is it…the torker tx that is is it hard 2 maintain

im sorry but i dont get what ur saying… :thinking:

i will rephrase it
im not trying 2 hijack your thread
but how is the torker tx? is it hard 2 maintain?

He wants to know if it’s a good unicycle. Easy to maintain.

meh its alright for the price ( i got it for $140 )

but yea its good kinda a short seat post but meh lol

I have one too. It’s good for the price I got it for…$35. They get boring fast.

kinda lol i cant do like anythuing on it i can go backwards on it if that counts…

My giraffe hasn’t gotten at all boring in the five months I’ve had it. There’s a lot of fun freestyle tricks you can do on a giraffe, plus some cool mounts like the rolling mount and the frog mount. I can see how it would get boring if you don’t like freestyle.

hey jsm, i just noticed you live in spokane, i do too =p, where do you usally ride at?

You made a thread a while back asking about riders from Spokane. I replied to it, but you must not have noticed. Anyway, I usually ride in a park in Liberty Lake, but if there’s snow, sometimes I’ll ride at the skatepark downtown under the freeway. Because of college, work, and snow, I haven’t been riding much lately, but it would be nice to go for a ride sometime, maybe when we get better weather.

I have a torker too. I can dismount gracefully, Idol, and go backwards, but I can’t freemount it to save my life? I guess I just need more practice!