Giraffe & Multiwheeled Unicycling Video

Hey guys, (and girls)
I made my first giraffe unicycling video together. I’m a little dissapointed with the footage as the focus isn’t very good so I would like to get a tripod soon and also when converting the files from MOV to WMV AVI it must of cut out some quality. MOV will not go into WMM so thats why I converted it. For next videos I hope to have better quailty and more stabilized footage. Anyway here it is, and watch it in high quality. (even then the quality still isn’t that great =[)

nice job. The 2 wheeler looks like a good challenge to master, keep it up!

ya the 2 wheels looks tricky to master.

Wheel walking on the three wheeler got me. Good one!

Nice job, I have some questions: Does learning to ride a two wheeler make 1 and 3 wheel riding more difficult at all? And how much did you pay for all four of your unis?

No, it does not make 1 and 3 wheeler make it difficult at all but learning the two-wheeler is a challenge.

for the 3-wheeler (3 unicycles in 1) it cost $450.00 (AUD) and the Standard Giraffe was $420.

Oh wow you bought the 3 wheeler, (is that the common name for it?). I have a home made one, can’t do any tricks on it though, the wheels slip all the time.

Where did you get the it from?