giraffe mounting help

hey all,

I recently (just yesterday actually) got my 6’ giraffe unicycle in the mail. After the exciting task of putting it together, I took it out to give it a shot, after the initial awkwardness, my body realized that it pedals the same as my 20", only problem being the mount. My neighbor let me use his HUGE truck to help, and once i was far enough away i had to climb on top of a soda machine to mount again. Any pointers on using street signs, etc. to get on this 6 footer? Or maybe even free-mounting? (free-mounting will come somewhat later i am positive of that)
I would love to be able to ride the 6 footer in places that are kind of far from big trucks and soda machines, and without having to ride it the whole way TO these places!



I started off with a ladder and a basketball goal. I got about 3-4’ off the
ground with the ladder, then placed the giraffe between me and the goal. I
held onto the part of the goal parallel to the ground and sat on the uni and
pedaled away.

My tips on freemounting:

Put your dominant foot pedal in the lower position. I like it at about 7
o’clock position.
Hold the giraffe so it leans forward and if you are right footed, lean to
the left slightly, left footed lean to the right slightly.
I hold onto the seat with my left hand in front of the saddle, and my right
hand on the back part.
Put your lesser foot onto the wheel. I’m right footed and I do better if I
step onto the wheel with all pressure on the left side of my foot.
Next, step up onto the lower pedal. Don’t push off the ground with either
foot, try to bring your foot up as gently as you can in order to keep the
giraffe from shifting.
Once your foot is on the pedal, lift your other leg up and find the other
pedal. Once your foot is on it securely, move your hands off the seat, sit
down and ride off.