giraffe jump mounting workout

so yesterday I learned how to jump mount a giraffe right, and yesterday and today I borrowed my friends to keep practicing till I get mine. I practiced alot yesterday and let me tell ya, when I woke up, all my muscles were aching!! what a workout! I had no idea giraffing was a workout. psh, who needs the tony little gazelle…

-Jonathan Ware-

Very nice. That sounds difficult. Is it a 5’ giraffe and how high are the pedals from the ground?

Any videos?


Congratulations Jonathan. He’s my tip before mounting the giraffe. Do some warm-up’s on your legs by streaching one by one with your legs so you won’t feel any much pain. After all You’re there. I got a Semcycle 5" Giraffe Unicycle for a bargin at $250 Brand new, Still in Box never used with Two spare saddles and a 24" wheel for 6" riding, and the former Owner paid $900. Here in Lake Macquarie Toronto NSW Australia. And I tell you what “I LOVE IT. I LOVE MY SEMCYCLE UNICYCLE.” Please Put some photo’s up and some Video’s as Andrew Mention. Good luck
Jonathan Mate.


The edit time run out before I get to chance to put a little extra wording in. The former Owner of a Semcycle Giraffe unicycle has also Chuck in an extra. A carton of Beer. My favorite. Foster’s lite ice. How does he know that’s my favorite beer. I’d better see my mate Aron about that.


I’ll make you some video’s, maybe…

-Jonathan Ware-

Cool, thanks.

Lets see some photos of you on your 5 foot as well, david (While juggling the beer, extra wheel and the two spair saddles)…
I would like to see some shots of it though, post some!

Now I’m Getting back to you Samuel. You expect me to do what…! juggle a beer, An extra wheel and the Two spare Saddles…! Marty Coffey would love to do that with a Chainsaw and a Pussycat. See this site and speak to yourself. I haven’t got a photographer so I’ll put some Photo’s of my uni’s in my gallery soon. I’m having problems posting some on this Thread and no one helped me. I have got a Digital Camera but it’s my father’s and it’s gone back to him. Blow! So you just have to wait. And by the way, You are getting me back on the Humor side aren’t you mate. “Did you hear about the Irish man who swam the English Channel with no arms and no legs. What a cleaver Chap he was.” :smiley: