Giraffe in Austin

It’s brand new and it scares me…

I’ll sell my new Torker 5ft Giraffe for $100 to anyone in
Austin (I don’t want to ship it).

Ideally, I would like to trade it for a 20" Nimbus or similar.

PM me if you are interested.

tempting… i might be scared of it also…


Oh, don’t be such a sissy… besides, it’s time to upgrade your 20" anyway.

We were talking about it today -
I am interested, and not scared, however, I just don`t see a practical use for it. I am not sure why anyone would want one (for more than a week).

Perhaps some readers can enlighten me.

We don`t have many parades here.

That is pretty much the deal over here. I wanted to try it and they are pretty cheap so I knew I wouldn’t be out much.

If you are interested in it, let me know.


i will post a link to this thread to our local email list. are you on that list?


I was at one time, but I don’t seem to now. Thanks for posting the Giraffe to the list. How do I start getting the group msgs again?

Re: Giraffe in Austin

If you are asking why you would want a giraffe unicycle for more than a week is
because it makes you taller than everyone else. I am as tall as the big dump
trucks across my street. There are only a few people that are taller than you,
so you feel better about yourself.

Although, I would never choose a giraffe over a more practical uni, I think they are great fun. A girafffe would be an excellent addition to your collection of uni’s and would enable you to develop some cool giraffe skills. Any trick that you do on a giraffe ia automatically more impressive than the same trick on a smaller uni! Freemounting a giraffe is fun and people like to see it. The catapult mount (straight to the pedals without touching the wheel) is also pretty cool and impressive. I got tired of the slowness of the 20" wheel size so I geared my giraffe to make it equivalent to a 31.5" wheel size (I also have a sprocket on the other side of the hub, so if I flip the wheel around it becomes equivalent to a 37" wheel… bigger than a Coker!). The 37" size is really awkward, but the 31.5" size is quite manageable and it makes the giraffe more practical. I can buzz around on my geared giraffe faster than the guys on 24" and 26" wheel uni’s and I have a much better view! Plus, the 31.5" size actually makes giraffe pirouettes easier! I love giraffes!

There is a juggling club in Austin, it meets at the Episcipol Church Near Madam Mams, at the corner of Whitis and 27?th street on Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Take the Giraffe to a meeting. You will have a great time, and you might change your mind about selling it.

Progress Report

I decided to give the Giraffe a serious try today. I did the often suggested ‘pickup truck launch’.

I hit it on the first try. I just rode it a few times in a straight line several 100 feet. It was pretty easy. Man, you really get a good view of things way up there.

Conclusion: I am a uni dufus. I can freemount, etc. But I can’t idle. I can turn my NIMBUS26 but not smoothly. So, if you ever wondered if you can ride a Giraffe, you probably can.

If you do ride a uni, at least borrow a Giraffe for a test ride. It is a pretty cool experience.

Hey y’all! Theres a few of us in San Antonio that would appreciate The grande tour if some of you can find the time.We’re riding cokers, muni, and city trials. Theres sometimes five of us,with 4 in training, it would be good to see some different styles of riding.
or perhaps y’all would like to come down and join us sometime. Bring that giraffe with you. I’d like give it a shot.

Hey unidad,

If you ever feel like comming up to dallas/fort worth theres a group that rides up here…the fort worth unipsychos. Tue is coker night and fri is street/trials riding anywhere from 5-10 peps out.

Very cool, we’ll plan a trip.
Thanks for the invite maroastedpeanuts.