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I was thinking about getting a giraffe, but don’t know how much use I can get out of it. So here are my questions; Are they easy to mount from the floor, a 5 footer (I can jump and Free-jump a regular uni and Iv’e been riding over 4 years), How well do they do on dirt roads(cause if youve seen any of my pics I dont have all that much pavement, and I off road all the time), How small of sections can you store it in, and what do you think about the Torker Tx.

It took me 45 mins to master the running and stactic mounts, you seem pretty skilled and might learn even faster. As far as dirt, giraffes arn’t real diffrent than riding a regular unicycle, you wont have any trouble riding on dirt roads, but that depends more on tire than it being a giraffe.

How about storing it, does it go into smaller parts? For mounting, do you just do sort of a jump mount with a little run in it to get to the top?
Under “miscellaneous,” Andrew Carter shows how to mount a giraffe.

Still, how about storing it? Sorry for asking so many questions.

Is he riding a 5 foot or 6 foot.

There isent any real good way to store it that I know of, our club hangs them from the celling, the smallest you will get It would be taking the wheel (maby a pain) and seat(post) off. I have seen foldable ones some where, but they are probaly expencive.

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>Still, how about storing it? Sorry for asking so many questions.

You can take the seat and seat post off easily. Taking off the wheel
is somewhat more of a hassle but doable. The frame usually is one
piece, but ‘foldable’ giraffe frames do exist.

Sem’s 35 metre giraffe can be dismantled into many smaller pieces but
it is quite a job. :slight_smile:

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Scot Cooper has a muni-giraffe, and he says it works really well. I was given a 6footer about two weeks ago. It took me an hour before I could static mount it regularly. I’ve been riding about 8 months total (mostly muni, some trials). As for breaking it down, mine is an old schwinn giraffe, and it doesn’t seem to break down too much. I just lay the seat down in my car to take it places.


Thanks for the help. I think ill just buy one and see how it goes, thanks.