Giraffe Fun

Santa was nice enough to bring me a Unistar TX for Christmas.

My brother and I mounted it once or twice in the front room, where the ceiling is high enough to accomidate a 6 foot guy atop a 5 foot uni. Plus, it has rafters, which helped a lot.

When we talked my mom into letting us go outside with it (it was freezing raining), we mounted with the assistance of a large step ladder. However, the ladder got in the way of family, so we abandoned it for the tailgate of my uncle’s truck.

Well, today, I was determined to freemount the beast. How hard could it be? After 10 minutes or so of failure, I finally succeeded. I immediately got the brilliant idea of going on a five mile ride, since I didn’t need something to lean on anymore.

Two and a half miles into the ride, I arrive at the only store in Peru, ME. I guess I’d gotten used to being 8 feet tall or something, but I swiftly hit my head on the roof over the b*ke parking area.

It took more than an hour, including a fairly lengthy break, but I finally completed this glorious ride.

I like running errands on the old camelopard. I had a similar spell of freemount amnesia on my first trip. Knowing there are people watching you fail repeatedly doesn’t help any.

Nor does it help that at the store, I picked up a bag of chips. It’s tough to mount a giraffe one handed, eh?