giraffe freemount video

I finally got around to getting some freemount video online. I have 2 clips:

standard freemount (I guess – this is the one where you put one foot on the
wheel, and step up from there)

the one where you don’t put your foot on the wheel (helps to be tall for this)

I still consider myself amature when it comes to the freemount… though, I
think I can finally say I can get on 50% of the time or more on the first try. I
am most comfortable with the first style mount, but that may be because I’ve
only tried the second style about a dozen times.

The unicycle used was a 6’ sem, and I am about 6’ myself.

oh yeah, and because I had the camera out and all, you can watch me juggle on a
pogo stick too.

Let me know if any of those help. To the more experienced freemounters out
there, I’d love to hear your critique.

jeff lutkus

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