giraffe frames found in my buddys garage

I found two 6’ giraffe frames with cranks only(no wheels, chains or seats)
I dont have time to put them together but if somebody wants one cheap, let me know.

OR if anyone has a wheel they would sell me cheap…
OR we could trade a wheel for a frame…

Do the frames have any markings to indicate the company that made them? Are they in good condition? How much would you want for one becuase if they are cheap then I might be interested.

Do you have any pics?

These look just like the cyclepro giraffe I had in the 80’s. Kinda generic, they are painted blue from the factory. The frames are solid but not mint by any means, There are some nicks in the paint and they would make a fun rider project. I will try to get pics up somehow. thanks.

I have pics now, email me for one(or tell me how to do it here)
And I will only ship to the continental US, anyplace else would not be economical. I will sell one for $25, UPS shipping $20

I live in Scotland so no use for me.

Thanks to all the people who replied, unfortunately they are off the market with one lucky winner and I will keep one, maybe it will turn up again later… Thanks again

I’m sorry to worry you with this, but your “buddy” is probably running some sort of unicycle chop shop. You should probably find some less dubious characters to hang out with.

Allen Whitman shhhhhhhh, you’ll ruin everything about the chop shop, well I guess the cats out of the bag…
Where is Phil Ochs when we need him??