Giraffe for sale

6’ Savage giraffe, in perfect condition, barely ridden. Small section of chain was removed to make the chain tighter, but it can be reinserted and will come with the giraffe.

The giraffe however will NOT come with a seat, as it does not have one. The seat post is fairly long (about 300mm) and is KH style bracket at the top.

Price: $150 U.S.D. plus shipping

p.s. : I can also include some red chain tensioners if you want, free of charge.


Re: Giraffe for sale

I was going to bump this but you beat me.

Are these two statements related? They are easier to ride with the seat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody buy this Raffie. You need one! You can not have too many unicycles.

I want one for a big publicity stunt I’ll need to do later in the year.

Shadowuni, do you offer store credit?

can this uni make it to cleveland? (no jokes about riding to cleveland, please) if so, I want it

yes i think it can make it to cleveland. If so you will buy it ?

yes, i will buy it, but shipping to canada will increase the price to too much of a new giraffe. If i were able to get it in cleveland, I could not pass it up.

So…If the giraffe gets to cleveland on Feb 19-20, it will leave with me :slight_smile:

ok, its yours brian, if i make it too cleveland, which i should. pm me if you have any questions and stuff.

Looks like I’ll be the lone representative of SWAT at motorama…