Giraffe For Sale!!!!!!

I have a slighly used 5 foot giraffe unicycle for sale. I have owned it since November. I have switched the quick release seat post clamp for a normal, b/c in interefered with my freemounting. Also, the original seat was too wide and rubbery, making freemounting quite difficult. Instead, I replaced it with a United saddle. The back bumper is cracked, and the bolt holding the back bumper is broken (nothing duct tape can’t handle). I reside in South East Pennsylvania, but i wll remove the pedals and seatpost in order to lower shipping to anywhere in the continetal US. I will recieve all offers, no matter how low. I am in desperate need of cash for my prom, so I will take what I can get. Hopefully, I will be able to post up poctures later.

what make?

Go for it Mike!

I offer you $30

It is a Proway Chrome Unicycle (probabaly manufactured in Taiwan). It has a 20" x 1.75" tire and 36 spokes, and a 12" seat post.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures up yet, my friend wit a digital camera is not feeling well.

Hmmmmm I’ll have to hear other offers first and think about it.

Will the original seat be included?


Well, I guess I’ll give the buyer a choice of seats. I switched the original seat on the giraffe for the united seat on my old 20" avernir, which is on loan to a friend to learn. To answer your question, I’ll give you pics of both seats and let you pick which one suits you best. I’m pretty sure my friend would rather sit on a seat then a seat post.

And if not, at least you know who you can bring to the prom!

Sofa, I’m speechless.

Here is one picture of my giraffe from my physics presentation.


Here is another one, right before i freemount.


Do you know what brand the giraffe and original seat are?
So it’s pretty new if you only got it in November. Has it held up well for you?


30 bucks is a shot in the dark. That’s way too low. Wait for something higher, but I wouldn’t sell it at that. New, they go for $159 at You might be better off holding onto it. Tutoring (math) goes for at least $25 an hour. Find an elementary student to tutor during the summer and you will be able to even buy another uni by summers end.

I wish I could add it to my stable, but trials riding has tweaked one of my ankles. Doing a UPD off the giraffe, might injure it more:( .

It is a Proway unicycle. As far as I can tell, it appears to be similar to a Savage Unicycle, wihtout the horrible seat. Trust me, the orginal seat is horrible. It is very wide in the back and made of rubber, which makes freemounting very difficult.

Well, compared to my other unicycles, all i would do on my giraffe is ride it around. No drops, hops, jumps, or anything. All my UPDs I was able to react fast enough to grab it before it hit the ground. The cracked bumper on the united seat got their when it was still on my 20" avenir.

Well, I am still waiting for more offers, but I need some money ASAP.

I’m sorry if I started offensively low, but I expected others to make offers also, or for dasdingus to say “$100”, and me to say “$35”, and he says “$80”, and so on and so forth, until a price has been agreed upon.

i’ll offer $50 bucks.

Well, my parents have decided to loan me the money, and I can pay them back over the summer. I am sad to announce that my giraffe is no longer for sale. I apologize to all who placed bids, and wish you luck in your giraffe search.

Thank them again, and extra amount. You will appreciate having the giraffe long after your prom hangover fades. Selling a unicycle never seems to be worth it, especially looking at a palm full of $50, and no unicycle to ride!

just like bob barker does on the Price is Right,i will tell you that i would have gone as high as $225.

ohhh scary, another ghost thread come back to haunt us!!!


Dude, i just was looking over a whole lot of old threads for giraffe info, and i stumbled across this gem, priceless! Lol