Giraffe disposal

Greetings, I was rummaging through the newsgroups list when I ran across this
one. It reminded me that I have an old Schwinn Giraffe (26" wheel, I think) that
I never ride. Is there still any interest in the old Schwinns? If so, how should
I sell this thing?


Re: Giraffe disposal

>If so, how should I sell this thing?

  1. find buyer
  2. collect cash
  3. hand over unicycle


Re: Giraffe disposal

>If so, how should I sell this thing?

How much do you want? I’ll buy it if I can afford it Jeff Sargeant

Re: Giraffe disposal

Yikes. I didn’t realize this was such an active sport/group. Thank you for all
the inquiries. I’ll try to get individual responses off, but I guess it would be
a good idea to address some of the more common questions here.

First about price. I don’t know much about unicycles or selling online, or how
to assign priority to buyers if I should set a price, so the suggestion that
seems to make the most sense is to get a picture of this thing and put it on
Ebay. I will try to do that as soon as I can.

However, I can describe this unicycle right now so you can get some idea if this
is even something you would be interested in.

  1. Wheel size. Several have written to say the Schwinn Giraffe didn’t come in a
    26" size, so I checked it out. It is a 26, but I don’t think that wheel is
    original equipment. It looks like an old English style hub (chrome); super
    large flanges with track threads and lockring on one side and freewheel
    threads on the other. 36 spokes, Schwinn steel rim (both true and round), and
    a 26 X 1-3/4 Westwind blackwall tire. (The tire has no wear, but I don’t
    think I would trust rubber that old.)

  2. Height. I’m not sure how these things are measured. From the axle to the
    centerline of the crank is 29 inches, and from there up to the top of the
    seat clamp is another 17. The adjustable portion of the seat post (from top
    down to the limit line) is 11 inches, and then there is the thickness of the
    saddle on top of the seat post.

  3. Shipping. I’d be shipping this out of San Antonio, TX. By itself, the
    unicycle weighs about 20 lbs, so the shipping weight will probably be around
    25. I’m pretty sure I can break this down enough to meet the UPS size

  4. Condition: Age-- I find a serial #770892, so I’m guessing that means it was
    made in Aug of 77 (?). Structural problems–none. Crash damage–the seat
    cover has a small tear on the nose, a rim cut under the nose, and a split
    underneath, but I’ll include another Schwinn unicycle seat cover which hasn’t
    been used at all. Total Mileage–About a mile Deterioration–like I said, I
    wouldn’t trust the rubber. The frame and rim chrome are grungy but they are
    polishing up pretty good. (Hopefully a photo will give a better idea on
    this.) The decals are all intact but dirty–I’m not sure how or whether to
    clean those. The chain is dry and slightly rusted, but runs okay. The most
    serious rust damage is to the outside of the left crank arm because it was
    sticking out of the plastic wrap. (It’s a one-piece crank which looks more
    like the cranks Schwinn used on their kids bikes than it does the ones on the
    adult bikes.)

The rubber block pedals aren’t in the cranks. I’ll do some more looking, but I
may no longer have these.

All in all, I would say the most serious problems are the non-original wheel and
a couple of rust spots on the left crank arm, and (maybe) the missing pedals.

For those of you who were looking for something different, sorry to get your
hopes up. At least you can forget about it now.

For those still interested, I’ll post a notice to this group as soon as I figure
out how to list this thing on Ebay.

Thanks for all the messages and suggestions, Nick

Re: Giraffe disposal

Can you give price and details please Nobby Salter Please remove YOUR HAT before