Giraffe dismounts (was: Unicycle-related deaths)



This is the only way I know how to dismount a giraffe. It feels natural and easy. What other (safer) ways are recommended?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


We always drop straight down off the rear of the giraffe letting the uni shoot out to our front. It seems to me that a drop off the front, uni to the rear, would have some horizontal component to the drop propelling the rider forward a bit. I like the kids to “watch” what their doing and that means the uni in front. It also seems to allow a more natural curve to the body, i.e., bending or crouching forward on a uni-to-the-front dismount. All in all, I think it lends better control.


Re: Giraffe dismounts (was: Unicycle-related deaths)

Hey Raphael,
For smaller giraffes it it much safer to dismount to the rear and let the uni roll forward. That way you will know where the uni is going and what obstacles might be there. If you let the uni roll back you run the risk of hitting something or someone may cross your path that you didn’t see approaching. If you are dismounting forward and the wheel hits a solid object that you didn’t see or you misjudge the distance from a wall or curb you could be in for a shock. The wheel will stop abruptly and give your tailbone and spinal cord a rather severe and potentially dangerous jolt.

For very tall uni’s (tall enough that someone else has to catch the uni) I will dismount forward, but only in a wide open space and under controlled conditions where I know a pedestrian isn’t going to wander into the path of the uni.

Here’s a dismount that I like for my six footer: I ride up to the spot where I want to dismount and stop with the pedals parallel to the ground. Stand up. Slid my bum off the back of the seat and jump down right behind the uni while continuing to hold the uni upright. This dismount takes up the least amount of space and probably maintains the most amount of control of the uni and yourself at the same time. Very little chance that the uni is going to shoot out and hurt someone or something.
Keep on riding high.

Has anyone ever tried climbing down off of a giraffe? That is the reverse of a climbing freemount.

Yes, most easily done on giraffes 6ft or less. I have a whole series of tricks and transitions related to this. They make me happy. just felt like saying something stupid.

I don’t think I’ve read or heard anything stupid from you. You DO wear funny shoes but it would be rather like me living in a glass home throwing stones to write something like that.

Is it straightforward then, climbing down from a giraffe? I would rather do something like that than jump off of a six foot camelopard which is beginning to bother the “not so fresh anymore” legs. Is it easy to get injured learning? Not that I’m looking to get injured.

a bad landing from 5/6 feet can do an ankle in a heartbeat
my main injury problem learning to freemount was in the wrist that holds onto the front of the seat
right hand in my case
i strained it from insistently practising the freemount
i gave it a bit of rest and it seems fine now

i never thought of reversing the freemount and climbing off
can’t wait to get home

Re: Re: Giraffe dismounts (was: Unicycle-related deaths)

My wheel went out back. I had misjudged the distance from the curb. My tailbone IS KILLING ME FOR TWO DAYS!!!

Tomorrow morning I drive 9 hours.:frowning:

Woe is me!

Re: Re: Re: Giraffe dismounts (was: Unicycle-related deaths)

Ouch, I drove about 9 hours yesterday. At least you won’t have trouble getting sleepy.

Last summer I was doing a static mount onto the giraffe from the top of a fire hydrant. I went over, the wheel hit the hydrant and I launched, fortunately no injury on that one. Had to wait for the 9 footer to hurt me…

I switched to dismount with uni in front due to the sage advice in this forum. This place is great.

Schwinn Giraffe Success! Tuesday I managed one freemount. Today the Hat Trick: Three successful freemounts! Celebrated with a Guiness.