Giraffe Discussion Thread

Short answer:

No because it isn’t. The main difference in riding a giraffe, other than psychological (of which I’m sure any 48-year-old is already well aware), is that the wheel is no longer between your feet. Now it’s “down there,” moving back and forth in a way that’s very different from a non-chain unicycle.

If I had to guess, I’d say you weren’t sitting up straight. If you bend forward, you’re going to have to bring the wheel forward to even things out. This of course makes for an awkward riding position, and your butt sticks out and it doesn’t look that great either. Strive to sit up straight. Generally, you want your frame and your spine to be parallel. Also seat height is an important factor on a giraffe. If the seat was too low it can lead to what you described, or other feelings of insecurity up there.

Stick with it. Watch the kids. They learn faster because they don’t overthink things. If you try to think like them it can speed the learning process!

It’s a bit different because the seat is about 2 foot higher on a three wheeler! Another thing that stops me when I get up there is the fact that I don’t trust the tyre friction to hold me up, and if i pump the tyre up harder then there is so much friction it just doesn’t roll, which again puts me off!!! agh!

hahaha, so frustrated! Trust the wheel(s). I’d be willing to give it a try James!:smiley:

You can get by with imperfect friction on a multi-wheeler. You don’t want the tires so hard that it takes loads of effort to pedal, but you should expect it to be a little bit of work for a properly-calibrated multi-wheeler to ride safely.

That said, if the wheels occasionally slip a bit when you pedal or hit the brakes, as long as it’s only a bit, it should remain quite rideable. You just have to get used to the idea, and make sure it’s not slipping too much.

Uhuh, it’s just the getting on part that had me worried when I put pressure on the back pedal and it slipped round :wink: . I’ll save it for… a rainy day.

Oh and scott, do you really think my threewheeler would fit in my moped seat?!:stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: .

I tried hopping on my giraffe and it feels so good. Try it out! i HELD onto the seat really titght and hopped, i could hop pretty far to the side as its so tall.

I have a torker tx. I can static and rolling mount, jump up steps and stuff. I kinda feel giraffes are more for show and performing.

Any tips for riding a giraffe uni one-footed?


learn it on a regular unicycle first with your foot on and off the frame. Then all it takes is guts once your up there. (its not hard though)

I can mount, idle, and ride one footed on a normal unicycle (foot on or off the frame), i’m currently learning backwards one footed. I tried one footed on my giraffe a few times, putting my foot on the frame above the height of the cranks, but i can’t seem to get it.


I learned this trick first on the Giraffe, It’s easy-ish if you put your foot on the frame above the cranks, gives you a bit more control.

I can do no prob on the giraffe and idle forever…on the 20 and 26 Muni not so much, I am having to practice a lot.

Has anyone ever riden through a deep flood that would go well above the top of the tyre so that it just looks like your pedaling a big post through the water? I realy want to try it, I need a giraffe though, and a flood.

I thought about riding on the sandbanks when the tide is in a bit, for the same look. but i need a giraffe uni in bad condition, or to sea-proof the one i have.


hurrah for giraffe thread.
giraffes are beautiful creatures, so graceful.

lol I’ve thought about that too. Maybe in a swimming pool. But wouldn’t the tyre try to float making it difficult?

I have a 3 wheeler that I’m willing to part with for about $300-350 only used a few times but dropped a lot. Great condition, anyone want it?

Giraffe Pics

Probably not, but you could bring it down in sections :smiley:

hahahahahahahaha that dog looks ridiculous!

What is the best (as in the one that can take the most abuse without breaking) three-wheeler (or extension set) that you can get?

there’s only one 3 wheeler you can get and it’s the Nimbus 3 wheeler the extension kits are made by Nimbus as well so either way it’s going to be pretty much the same.