Giraffe chain question

had an UPD off the 5ft recently and as the raffie hit the ground, the chain popped right off

why did this happen?

it’s the first time in about a year’s worth of raffie-riding so i’m kinda perplexed

Perhaps the frame flexed enough on impact to allow the chain to go slack and fall off of the sprockets. When the frame flexes between the axle (wheel axle) and the bottom bracket (crank axle), the distance between the two decreases slightly. Also, most giraffes have sprockets that are slightly eccentric so that the chain tension varies through each crank revolution. This popping off of the chain would be much more likely if the chain were in a slack position when the camelopard struck the ground.

I took my six-foot Semcycle out for a walk with my wife and Buster yesterday. When we started out, I asked her to wait because I wanted to try to freemount and figured it would take half a dozen (6, metric) tries before I succeeded. Landed the first try!! She was so impressed she didn’t even roll her eyes. Buster stayed awake during the entire process. What an audience. I am truly blessed.

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I can only dream of achieving such a feat. Thanks for the laugh!