giraffe basketball?

has anybody tryed it? i think it would be a little easier and way more fun especialy if you could hop realy high because that would make it possible to dunk

Giraffes don’t work very well for unicycle basketball; you can dunk, and that’s about all. If you’re playing against non-giraffes, you can’t ever dribble without getting it stolen, and if you’re playing with only giraffes, you’ll spend the whole game getting off to pick up the ball.

I remeber playing or seeing somewhjere a team of uni-basketeres who each had a giraffe on the team look realy fun

More than 10 years ago on TV5 (a Franch channel) I saw a referee on a giraffes to have a better overview.

I’ve played basketball on a giraffe, the problem is that when you’re dribling the ball takes such a long time to get from your hand to the floor and back that it’s an easy steal for anybody not on a giraffe.


it seemes about as possible as BC wheel paintball.


youd always be off the uni to pick the ball up

i think having one giraffe is good. they just hang around the hoop and are pretty much the scorers, then the other 4 team mates are on normal unis, so they can dribble a lot easier, and they can pick up the ball.

Having a giraffe cherry-picking at the basket is interesting for about 15 seconds.

You can dunk from a 24". It involves standing up on the tire and then leaping to make the shot. Good timing is required.

Agreed. Try it and see how long it stays interesting. Mostly it’s fun for the person on the giraffe (not anyone else), and usually only if they suck at shooting.

Interesting. I’ve seen that once, at the International Cycling Festival in Hull, Quebec (French language). High-end basketball tournament (cash prizes!), with unicycling referee on a 9’ giraffe. Other referees on foot I think. In 1985 and 88 there were a few guys from Puerto Rico, Teresa & Sem, and other excellent players from around Canada. I wonder if it could have been old video from that?

Stand up gliding to dunk it! But too much looking down to count the half revs. UNICON XIII(I think) rules say 1/2 rev.=1 step.

I think some of the advantages of a having a giraffe unicycle will be if you need to paint the inside roofs of your house, If your job consists of fruit picking like farm work or something. Then you could go from one tree to the other without ever using a ladder. For those in the circus. I guess it’ll be much easier to wash the elephants and other high animals. :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

giraffe basketball

Giraffe unicycle basketball works best if you have someone to pass the ball into the game. When our club plays we usually have a mix of giraffes and smaller unis who work together to get the ball in the hoop. It is a lot of fun!

That brings up an interesting question for the unicycle basketballers out there. Once your feet are off the pedals is it still traveling? Or can it count like a Michael Jordan floating through the air?

Mostly I’m inclined to say yes, pedal “steps” still count. But what if the person goes into a glide or coast of some sort, while already in possession of the ball? I wouldn’t allow it to be passed to them, but if they do the whole move while keeping control of the ball…