Giraffe assembly

Hey, I’m a total neophyte. I understand the basics with this thing: the saddle, and the pedals. But I have questions on the chain, and the washers with a long screw-like piece with a nut and a rectangular thing on the end.

Basically, I need to know how to put this giraffe wheel on.


Here’s the manual for the torker tx in pdf format. It has it all.

Torker Manual

Well I got that much, but I cannot, for the life of me, get the chain near tight enough. I don’t have time to descibe what I did (dinner), but if somebody could tell me what I need to do, that’d be great.


Do you have the chain tensioners on correctly? Those are the funky bits with an eye bolt, nut, and square piece. The hole of the bolt needs to go over the axle, and the square piece over the bottom of the frame. Then tighten the nut to draw the chain tight. Be sure to do this on both sides so that the wheel is straight with the frame.

Well I’m up and running. Sort of. Is there any way to mount this baby without free mounting? I need a sense of balance on it before I can free mount.

And I twisted my ankle in the first 10 minutes of playing with it, but I’m okay.