Giraffe and UniTreading

Tell me what you think! I wanna learn more things to do on the giraffe uni!

haha…nice…that “unitreading” looks fun!

nice girraffe stuff…you should get better at hopping and try some trials stuff!

now do it on a coker!!!

even better…a goker…coker giraffe:D …now i want to build one!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one:):slight_smile:

I think anything can be done on a giraffe that can be done on a normal uni, except for on tire stuff, if you have the nerve. Eg. I’ve seen people do 360 uni spins and hopping on tire.

The twisting made me think you were doing salsa dancing :roll_eyes:

How fast did you get up to on the treadmill? It looks like you had it at a bit of an incline.

I’ve thouhgt about unicycling on a treadmill while juggling , while the treadmill is on a trailer on the road goin approx. 60mph(so u get the wind affect)
now that sound liek fun!:D:D

haha right on. I got it up to 10 mph, and managed to keep a steady 8 mph for a 2 mile tread ride. Glad it tells me how much of a journey I make!

You’ve seen 360 uni spins? On a giraffe?! Crazy stuff!

I was trying to do a little dancing with that twisting hahaha, perhaps we can make a light version of unicycle dancing?

Fun video.

There are a lot of freestyle tricks to be done on a giraffe, and you can also get into the trials, street, and muni aspects of riding if you giraffe can handle it.

Made me laugh when you extended your arms on the treadmill.