im looking to buy a girafe, that is the minumum inseam for a torker tx?
are there any other good cheep brands

I just got a torker. I seriously recomend that you get something else if you can afford it. -preferably a chwinn for reasons in this post: “questions on torker tx” -check it out -it’s a security issue!

Two other problemns I just found are that the frame will not fit wheels of diameter greater than 20", and the quick adjust on the seet post is hard to use. new ones come with a peace of ruber (on the side opposite the lever) so that you can get a good grip.

About the seet, I am complaining because I ride it for at least half an hour each day, perhaps an hour. It dosen’t hurt right away.

It may or may not be worth spending the extra money. find out about weight differences as well. When you are on it, it’s like a feather, but carying it is a bitch.

Plenty of people will tell you that torkers are great. Once the problemns I am pointing out to you are resolved, it will be!

Chears, Mike :slight_smile:

torker is a good brand, but i dont recommend a five footer if you want a giraffe. I got one, and for a while it is exciting, but now i wish i would have sprung for the six footer. Ahhhh the joy of unicycling.

any 1 know inseam with the seat all the way down and the saet post cut.