Girafe unicycling

Hi guys, I am thinking at the moment of trying to find a second hand girafe to rie on. At the moment i have a Kh20 and a 20" ebay uni. And absolutely love my kh20 and getting really good quickly. Girafes however seem pretty cool, is there any benefit from them or just being high up? I only ever see people with them busking and I cant juggle so that wrecks that idea. Do you think I should get a Girafe or just leave it? I dont have any money at the moment so something realy cheap would appeal :stuck_out_tongue: Any one have a second hand GIrafe IN Australia (NSW) area??

Thanks everyone.

Try it first

I enjoy the sensation of riding high on my 5fter, but other than that it’s not a very practical uni. However, It is cool to see people being impresed.:slight_smile:

If you can find one to try first you should

Ok, How much does a average girafe cost? UDC here in australia says $350 bucks is the min

Torker’s got one fairly cheap here in the US, and you do see them used on occasion.

I varies

It Varies. It depends on your country/continent due to shipping local and local demand.

Torker TX is about a cheap as they get. I got mine for $115 in the United States.

Good hunting!

Thanks, Ill go check and see if i can get one here in AUS.

I got mine flukely from my local hardware store!?! I didn’t think they would have them. They don’t have them physically in the shop but they have this book of lots of stuff that you can order and I was interested to see a giraffe. It was a 5foot and was $420 and i got it for christmas. I currently busk on it and make about 80 or 90$ a day on average, i juggle on it but can’t idle that well much. When riding it in public you get car horns, shouts, comments. It’s fun i reckon. If you have the money and can’t think of anything else to buy you could purchase one. Be careful not to excessively drop it hard as this bends the frame like mine has a few times but still fills normal but id rather if fixed. when it bends i just fix it with a vice by rebending it. I even once got in the news paper cos i was riding in the christmas pararde on it. just post or PM me if you have any further comments or questions.

A giraffe is a bit of a toy, i bought a TX from the states some years ago because ti was cheap. I used to ride it round town at night but haven’t been on it for atleast a year. It’s a fun thing to have if you’ve already got a fair few unis but if you’re just starting out I would save your money for somethign else.

Unless you’re intending to buck of course, where the extra visual attraction of a giraffe is worth real money.

yea ok. PRoblem is I cant juggle for nuts. Getting good at uni’in but aweful at juggling :frowning:

who said you have to juggle? I’ve seen buskers working with nothing but a giraffe and their bare wit. I would say that learning to work a crowd is much more important, and more difficult, than learning to juggle.

Heh, I can’t juggle to save my life, I keep saying thet I’ll learn to juggle so I can juggle on my giraffe, but I still haven’t got round to it. Working a 3 day music festival in 2 weeks, on unicycle, would be good to be able to juggle on my giraffe for then.

I found my giraffe uni to be great fun just to ride about on from the first time I tried riding it.


Holy smokes, you think juggling giraffes is hard, try juggling cats. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that – back in my days as a circus arts instructor. That statement should not be made by people who can already ride unicycles; it doesn’t make any sense. Unicycling is much harder/requires much more effort than learning to juggle. Maybe that’s just because your average juggling props are a lot lighter, but if you can learn to ride a unicycle, don’t act like learning to juggle will be a life-or-death struggle!

Like unicycling, some people pick it up faster than others, but unless you have visual or neurological impairments juggling is just an hour or two away for you. Or less if you have someone who knows how to teach it. :slight_smile:

Lol, no really, I have bad hand-eye co-ordination, always have. Oh, and I wont stick to anything unless I think It’s gonna be fun. If I cant get something quickly, and can’t see the fun side for me with it, I’ll leave it.

Unicycling has always appealed to me, I could see the fun that I could have on unicycles, so I stuck to it. With juggling, yeah if you are good at it then it looks good, but I’ve never been really interested in it, I cant see what fun i’d get out of it.

Throwing knives while on unicycle though, will be happening soon, had a couple of goes just before a show a couple of months back, I liked it.


I get it. In that case you should say “I can’t learn to juggle unless my life depends on it.” :slight_smile:

But I know what you mean about liking unicycling better; me too! When compared to juggling, I guess it translates into “only one thing to pick up.”

Yeah, might have been better put that way. Lol.

so sandy, do you think your gonna get one or ya still thinking?

Im not really sure. Depends on how much they are. Because i dont want to busk on one I would have to find one real cheap like the torker for $115 or something. Just got my kh20 which costed me a arm and a legs so its either save up for a coker (WHICH I WANT MUCH) or a girafe or maybe a kh29.
In AUstralia where can i get a real cheap girafe?


Get the coker at this point.

A raffie is fun to ride and a great tool to have as a performer.
I stopped performing a while back, and haven’t been back on my raffie since.

Some people have started doing raffie-muni and -trials.

Ok, Ill save up for a Coker. Any advice on what type I should get or where from?