Gino - finished before Unicon 18


So for years I’ve been dissatisfied with available unicycles frames (although I admit having paradoxal requirements).
I went trough many:
And now solved it by taking the only possible option; I learned to draw, and designed my own parts and moulding:

Very nice frame. It is good looking and should be great if it is equally strong and comfy :slight_smile:

It’s a beauty!!
Nice work!!

Looks very strong. I could imagine some very tidy arrangements for brakes too.

Down side would be getting mud between the two crown plates on muni.

How does the mass compare to a conventional frame?

The technical spec section lists it at 860g.

A KH20 from 2016 is listed at 572g (656g for the longneck edition).
And a Nimbus street CrMo is listed at 710g.

Beautiful frame, Leo, congrats! Nice descriptive write-up on the “builders” page, too.


Very beautiful, congratulations!