Gimme a free unicycle, I'll give you an autographed thank you note!

Ship any good condition unicycles to me in Brooklyn, NYC 11217, and I’ll send you a signed thank you note which might become a valuable collector’s item.:smiley:

Help me win the World’s Record for getting the MOST FREE UNICYCLES shipped to me. Get the gratification of knowing you did your part!

Sorry, but I dont think you will get alot of free unicycles. Maybe you should try another world record… like the most unicycles in a bedroom…

Mr. Mountain. Has that crate of unicycles that I sent you not arrived yet?


Thanks for the unis! They arrived this afternoon!

It’s a great start!


Don’t mention it. It was really no trouble at all.

We could only get 4 of the 36" Nimbus unis on the pallet in the end, but we did get an extra KH20 on (nothing can stick out over the edge apparently)



Was that you that sent that? I wondered where it came from. You should be more careful with your address labels next time!

Luckily I’ve go a container load going out to Billy tomorrow, so I’ll make sure it gets loaded in.


I tried sending one, but apparently a unicycle wont fit through a letterbox so the stamp would have cost more… I’ll try again later