GILD on TV :)

in my neverending quest for (idealy free) publicity, this was just to good to pass up
a south african tv channel (called m-net) launched a reality tv programme called ‘b-on-mnet’
they installed a couple of remotely operated recording booths in a couple of shopping centres and asked people to come ‘do their thing’
one thing lead to another and we eventually got ‘permission’ to promote our juggling convention using this medium

this is the resulting video

dont even start on me about the non-freemount
i was ‘asked’ to do that

if u need the code to watch it, it’s FEBE-BIB-AAF

Re: GILD on TV :slight_smile:

I tried that code and it said that that code was already used and can only be used once.

Me too.:frowning: