Gilby Unicycle T-shirts at CA MUni Weekend

I will be bringing some of my unicycle T-shirts with me to the CA MUni Weekend, but only have a limited amount of space so I can’t bring them all. If you would like to buy one there, please let me know either by posting in this thread or by emailing me so that I can bring it for you. I’ll be selling them at a special MUni Weekend price of just $10 each (regularly $15 each).

I have the following designs currently in stock:
Do the MUni - Mountain UNI (sizes Adult S - XXXL), on shirt colors of Blue, Metro Blue, Navy and Red (sizes Adult S - XL)
Unicycling Planet, on shirt colors of Black, White, Sand, and Metro Blue (sizes Adult S - XL)

I made a gallery with pics of each of these at:

Awsome shirts…

Will these be available at all to those who aren’t going to the Weekend?

Yeah, I usually sell them at nationals and unicon, but I should be getting the online shop up again soon, so stay tuned.

I think I don’t have a one. I’d like a large one of those. Red?

Re: Gilby Unicycle T-shirts at CA MUni Weekend

1 “Do The Muni”, size Small
1 Unicycling Planet, Sand, Size XL unless you have a XXL.

Re: Re: Gilby Unicycle T-shirts at CA MUni Weekend

Largest I have is an XL, so I’ll bring that. It’s the last XL in stock in that color.

im down for a shirt in black.if its the same sizing of t-shirts as your E.T. shirts i,ll take a large but if they are any smaller i’ll take a XL.

i might buy another one if you bring more,but i will commit to a Tee for sure.

Hi Gilby,

Please mark me down for the following:

1 XL in Navy
1 Do the Muni XL



For folks attending MUni Weekend, before you purchase any of the Gilbys, please make sure you’ve got at least one MUni Weekend shirt. That’s a $900 investment, and I don’t want to have too many left over due to other shirts that might be cooler looking… :roll_eyes:

The problem John is your pricing. The $900 is just too rich for my blood, compared to Gilby’s fire sale prices. :smiley:

Maybe we can re-design to have the Bear wearing a “Do the Muni” tee shirt.

hey john do you have the final art for the muni weekend shirt? can we see it?

I’m definately in for another batch run on the shirts. I have a red, grey, and that bright aqua blue color.
Black, Navy blue, Hunter green, and a few more colors of those natures would complete my collection… or at least make it so I can wear a differenty color every day of the week.

That’s because we’re in “business-unfriendly” California. All that money goes to cover worker’s comp. costs for the three people at the shop, and taxes for doing business in this state… :smiley:

I guess the original was a little less than clear. The total bill for the T-shirt and sweatshirt order was just under $900. We’re printing four colors on the front, and one color on the sleeves.

Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the artwork. John Hooten finished it, and delivered it directly to the T-shirt place. When they’re done I can scan an actual shirt, for what will probably be the best rendition of the design. We delivered it in pieces, and the printer assembled the final art in his computer.

John H. is working on some certificates we can give out, similar to the ones from MUni Weekend '01 and Moab this year.

I’ll have all three!

Unicycling Planet - Sand
Do the MUni - green - Navy

All small please.



I don’t have black right now. The colors are navy, red, royal, or metro blue. In the pic, the navy does look black.

I’ll bring with whatever I can fit in my luggage, but if you know what you want beforehand, that’d be appreciated so that I can make sure to have the size/color/shirt that you want with me.

Not exactly a fire sale here… the shirts I’m selling were not in the fire. The fire was on the first day of naucc and I had all my newly printed ones with me that day at the gym before the fire happened. I couldn’t fit the rest of the shirts in my car, so they were conveniently placed by the front door underneith the window that the firemen shattered to get inside.

I still don’t know what the insurance company has decided to do with those damaged shirts. I told them that it’s not worth it to have them professionally cleaned at $2 a shirt as they would still be “damaged” goods. So who knows… there may still be a “fire sale” at some later date.

oh it does say navy doesnt it…? in that case i’ll switch to a black Unicycling Planet Tee in Large.

Great looking shirts. I’ll take one of each.

Uni Planet - Sand - Large
Do The Muni - Large - Royal - Large

I’ll see you Friday,


i would like a L Mountain Uni shirt

Sorry man, I used the “fire sale” term generically…didn’t even make the connection until now since I wasn’t at NAUCC. Wasn’t trying to make light of that situation. :frowning:


PS: When I got home from CA today sporting my new sand Unicycle Planet shirt, I caught major grief for not bringing home a shirt in Small for my son. I will have to remedy that one once you get selling online again.