gilby look at this!

what happend to the chat room!? i cant find it anymore! is it gone?.. :thinking: (gilby you do like own this hole thing right? my brother said you did)

I dont see it either, it might have gone away because nobody used it.

hmmm iether that or people were abusing it…

Well a long time ago I used to go in there to talk to people and i would be there by myself forever.

oh…ok thats probably why then =\

well i gotta go cya

but… gilby does own…right? (my brother told me he does)

yeah, he’s the webmaster and incharge of that kind of stuff;)

The chatroom is currently not up, but you can chat in the “Most replys” thread: [THREAD]21964[/THREAD]

highly recommended.

chat here as well.


it´s like most replys only better. :wink: