gift for tall husband... 24" or 26" Torker?

my husband rides in the clydesdale category in cyclocross and has been interested in the unicycle cyclocross races, to try something new. his bday is coming up and he has mentioned a few times how a Torker Unicycle would be awesome. i spoke with a local bike shop guy on what size of unicycle to get, but would love more help.

here’s my husband’s stats: Heighth: 6’ 7" Weight: 218 lbs Inseam: 36.5 inches

any help is appreciated on whether a 24" Torker or 26" Torker would be best.
also… DX or LX? My husband is a bike snob, he loves them, so if one is better than the other and highly recommended, i’d love to know which. this is just for cyclocross races, not high speed.

thank you!

If he’s that tall the bigger size is probably the most appropriate. The 24 inch would probably be easier for him to learn on, but 26" is doable as a learner. Torker’s Dx line is made for mountain unicycling, Lx is more made for road. 218 pounds isn’t light, so the Dx would probably be less likely to break. Also a Lx unicycles have a cheaper style of hub than the Dx unicycles.

He’s tall enough that a 26" might be better for him. And for cyclocross, he’d want an off-road style unicycle, so the DX not the LX. The problem is that AFAIK Torker doesn’t make a 26" DX.

Torker is not the only brand out there. Nimbus makes a good quality mid-range 26" that would work for him: It costs about the same as a Torker DX, and I think it’s a little bit nicer.

… but, if we’re going for ‘snob’ value, doesn’t it have to be the Nimbus Oregon Disc?? :smiley:

I thought about that, but decided to stay in the same general price range as the Torker… But if he really is a gear snob and OP doesn’t mind paying $600 then yeah. An Oracle would be niiiiiice.

We need Fiesty to chime in and recommend some custom titanium thing that would cost a fortune. Where did he go anyway?

I’ve been wondering where he went too…

We have all been wondering. Id recommend a nimbus 26 municycle

The best gift you could give him would be to buy a unicycle for yourself as well and learn to ride with him.

With that inseam i would go 26". I have a lesser inseam and I’m close to the seatpost end of my 24" lx. maybe get a giraffe, remove the chain and lower the cranks? :smiley:

Thx to all! Ok, this is what I gathered…

  1. Torker doesn’t make a 26 DX.
  2. Buy a Nimbus (cooler name for the Harry Potter nerd that I am)
    OR an Oracle if I want to blow some cash
    OR a giraffe (Love this last one)
  3. Get myself a unicycle and die

Awesome advice! Thanks again.


Don’t buy a giraffe without learning to ride first. Giraffes are easier to ride on flat level ground, but getting on is really tough.
And harper is right, you should buy two and both learn

and yes, I love the harry potter aspect of my Nimbus unicycles (Is the plural Nimbii)

no no no

So he doesn’t already know how to ride?

He may like the finer things in life, but when it comes to getting a learner unicycle, he may not want the nicest one quite yet because they get beat up quite a bit from hitting the ground over and over and over and over …

He will need an extra long seat post and a well built uni, so a simple lightweight trainer is not going to be enough, possibly a Nimbus 26" muni to start or an Oracle 26" if he absolutely insists on only the best :slight_smile:

Call up Unicycle.Com, tell them we sent you, ask for Josh and let him steer you.

An Oracle would be a beautiful unicycle, but it’s probably more than he needs to start riding. He’s going to working at this for a while, esp at the level he’s wanting to ride; essentially expert muni, so he has time to upgrade.

Is he a patient man? He’ll need it :stuck_out_tongue: