ggreat Xmas gifts

i got a new uni for xmas!!!nothing special just a 20" shwin uni from the local shwin shop. but it is something to learn on.
i had intended on saving up some money and buying a torker dx but there is no way i would be able to save up $250 or so, as i am an unimployed saltwater fish hobiest and have been wasting a way my college fund on yet another saltwater tank.

atleast i will have something to continue my learning since my last uni broke
:frowning: . and who knows if i really love unicycling as much as i think i will maybe i will buy a more expensive uni when i am inbetween setting up fish tanks.

any one else get UNIque gifts?

I got money to buy a UNIque gift… hehe

hahahha I got a Yurt

i got a 20" jugglebug and a 24" DX