getting worse

over the past few weeks Ive been riding about the same as I have for a while, but i seem to be getting worse. Alot of the stuff I used 2 do easily i can barely do or not even make it. Has this ever happened to you? How did you get out of your rut

thats happening to me right now. yesterday i went for a ride and in 30 mins or so, and i landed only two or so crankflips, and thats all i could do yesterday and i could bearly do it! So naturally i threw my uni around in anger

I used to pwn at seat pushing/seat draging and also seat drops, but now I can’t do any of them very well.

I think you just need to keep them in regular practice.

I have no idea why it happens though :S

And that’s my contribution.


If you’re trying everything every day, you might need a short break. Try not doing some of the stuff (or, probably more effective, not unicycling at all for some days).

I tried that a couple times but it didnt seem to wwork, I guess I can try again.

How old are you? Are you going through a growth spurt?
A growth spurt can make your coordination and proprioception a little off or out of sync with your body. If it’s growth spurt related you’ll get over it as your body adjusts it its new size.

don’t not do anything. do something different for a few days or till you have a dying urge to ride your uni again. bcing or something active

That is treason.

concentrate on your basics again, riding backwards and hops and stuff. Your inner ear is a muscle, if you don’t use it, you go bk to being a runt :smiley: