getting worse???

ok so i am just starting to learn to ride and have been doing ok i can ride for about 40 feet no support and can all most mount with no support everytime but today i went and was trying to ride and was lucky if i get more then like 10 feet and i couldnt mount with out holding on to anything at all i was riding alot yesterday and my legs are kindda sore is that the problem or am i just getting worse or am i just in a slump? any ideas on how to get out of this slump or get better would be geart Thanks

Sounds like you’re tired plus maybe over-thinking. Take a day off and see what happens, you might be amazed! If you haven’t already, do some reading online about learning to ride, and see if you pick up any pointers during that day off.

Rest for a couple days and use some punctuation.

Your riding skill doesn’t always have a linear progression to it.

Sometimes you have a day where you are just doing horrible, but that may just be a sign that when you go out on the morrow, you will be able to ride even better than before. The saying, “It may get worse before it gets better” is not devoid of application in such a situation.

using punctuation. LOL

Ok i will take a few days off a read some more about it. Sorry about the very long run on too. anymore ideas but i was kindda thinking the same thing you guys said. Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? If so what did you do?

Happens to me. I’m into it now for about 2 months. I’ll be doing well and then…

I take a day off now and then and ride my bicycle. Relax. Watch a bunch of You Tube videos. Watch really talented people as well as people who fall, crash, and burn. It’s fun. I get discouraged at times but then I’ll have a really good session.

Yes. Learn to recognize when progression stops, give it a rest and not worry about it. In your case you’re still at the very earliest stages of riding, so there’s no consistency yet. Nothing to worry about.

Just last week. I was working for a couple hours on some new mounts. Never really got them suitcased, though.

Gave up for the day. Had to take a day off, and came back and BAM! it all clicked.

Nice way of putting it. Many times I have trouble doing something just because I’m trying too hard. Take a break from the skill you are trying… or riding altogether and go back to it relaxed. Seems to be exactly what happed to me today and then, click! Just like somebody said, it came together.

So you got the static free mount down, then?

Uh-huh! And you are getting a KH 36! Wow… your news outdid mine. You certainly didn’t waste time.

Here’s hoping for no creaks… or delays… or worse… rain the day it arrives… muhahahahah!

Yeah, today I didn’t do as well as yesterday, but everytime you get on the uni it’s a step forward. Even if it’s 2 steps backwards and 1 step forwards. Keep it up!

Take a rest, try something else. Seriously, sometimes you learn in your sleep. If your body is trying to learn a whole load of new stuff, your brain sort of buffers it for a bit while it sorts it out. If you can ride 40 feet, you can ride 400 feet, but you don’t believe it yet.