Getting thru to Division 8 / Koxx Canada?

I’ve just been trying to get ahold of Division 8 / Koxx in Quebec to buy one of their Isis Hubs. No luck so far - these guys don’t return emails or phone calls. Anyone know how to get through to them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I could really use a splined hub, and theirs are way cheaper than anyone else’s for us canucks.

Keep in mind time zones when you call, but I would say your best bet is to continue calling them, its possible they are at an event or something but I have found I get a response from them within 24 hours.

is it a shop? anyone ever been there?
i am going to Quebec city next month…

Thanks y’all…Iwill keep calling.

Yeah, they’re a shop I think. Go to and go into koxxone, then the English site. Then click on dealers, and foreign, to list the dealers. The dealer for canada is somewhere in quebec.

OK, as per advice, I emailed will [at] division8 [dot] ca, and he got back to me right away. I was just using the wrong email address.

FYI, a koxx trials hub and crank, splined, sweet and strong and light weight, is $170 CAD. A steal, I think, compared to over 250 for KH or 400 for profile. I know that those may be better, (does more splines really make a diff?) but for those of us not dropping out of third floor appartments, I recon it’s a moot point.

I’ll let y’all know what I think when I actually ride the thing.

Great choice, the splined trials set up for Koxx is as strong (atleast) as the KH or Profile set up (although you dont get the warranty, like with profile).

I doubt very much that you will break them unless you end up doing something HUGE and that same thing will probably end up breaking the KH too…


Sweet…that’s what I want to hear. I’m sure it’ll be more than enough hub for moi.