Getting thighs chafed when uni hopping and I'm not fat

Hi, I have been browsing the site and I joined to ask this question.

I am a fairly new uni rider and can only do the basics - forwards, backwards, idle.

I’ve begun working on hopping, and can now maintain a steady hop in place for pretty much as long as I’d like, and am in the process of learning to jump onto things.

But in doing so I have developed pretty bad chafing on my inner thighs. Note: I’m not fat. I’ve never had thigh chafing previously; it is just when I am doing uni hops.

I’ve got a KH slim saddle, so I’m not sure what to do about this chafing. I am going to be buying compression shorts, but any other tips?

Any help/ feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum. Forward, backward and idle…pretty impressive.

Chafing became a problem for me once I started riding distances longer than 1/4 mile. I bought padded bike shorts, which I wear under a regular pair of shorts, and this has pretty much eliminated the chafing issue.

I am curious how you’re jumping. Is it with no hands on the seat, or with one hand on the seat? If it’s no handed, then I suspect you’re having to squeeze your thighs against the seat. This technique, if repeated enough, would probably chafe my thighs, even while I was wearing bike shorts.

If you are not holding the seat, learning to do so should stop the chafing, as will no longer be necessary to squeeze the seat with your thighs.

If you ‘are’ holding the seat, and the chafing is still happening, maybe you could experiment with lowering the seat while practicing jumping.

For the time being, you’d better find some kind of lubrication.

Definitely wear pants.

Try not to squeeze your legs together when jumping.

For more useful advice, let us know what you’re using for shorts/pants, what you’re riding and maybe the types of jumps you’re working on.

I’ve experienced the same thing and found that compression shorts do the job. They keep the friction of your unicycle or clothes off of your legs. I rarely ride without them.

Years ago I removed the saddle cover on my KH freeride saddle and later reassembled it. On the next few muni rides I had chaffing that I’d never had before. On closer inspection there was an ever so slight dimple in the fabric where it wrapped under the saddle that was causing the chaffing.

My point is, I learned first hand that it doesn’t take much to cause chaffing.

I don’t hop much, but I have a 20" trials I practice hopping on once in a while and it also causes chaffing. It’s a Koxx-one and I think it’s the stitching around the top of the cover that irritates me. I wear thicker shorts if it bothers me. But I think a different saddle might solve the problem altogether.

Compression gear

I’ll put a plug in for SubSport Dual compression gear. Better than UnderArmor in my opinion. I got their Mid-weight Dual version (moisture-wicking). They’re out of the UK, but you can get it through Amazon in the U.S. I found a couple of reviews on Youtube.

From reading this thread, I suddenly realized that I haven’t had this problem in ages. It went away, so I completely forgot about it, but yeah, when I first started hopping, it was pretty bad. If I’m going to hop, I wear shorts that are long enough to put a layer of cloth between my thighs and my (very low) saddle. I only wear light, stretchy cotton shorts (or sweatpants if the temperature falls below 20F), -no denim, nylon, spandex or whatever- and I don’t even get the slightest signs of chafing anymore, even if I hop up 100 steps.

When I hop SIF, I do get a bit of chafing on the front of my thighs, and some of my shorts now have small holes there, though that may be from when I was first learning to ride SIF and couldn’t hold the seat out far enough. Even with SIF hopping, though, this problem seems to be going away.

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