getting stuck at the first half pedal stroke

Thanks Quax1974…glad i stumbled on this thread…got lucky…

Another idea-- do you have a driveway with a slight decline? That should help get thru it,


Come on guys. Let’s give him some real advice:
1.) Use your hips to buck the unicycle forward. (Can anybody out there do a one foot idle? It’s all hip action!)
2.) Stay on the rail. The “let go of the rails, swing arms like madman” technique not working for him. You are not ready, so stick with a wall, fence or rails.
3.) What’s wrong with your top foot? You are obviously “frozen” and hanging onto your balance for dear life. Time to force your mind to multi-tasking: hanging on, low pedal, high pedal, squeeze thigh on saddle, rock the hips…etc.
b.) Once, you “get going” you must learn how to maintain “back pressure” with the non-powering pedal. You’ll have no problem learning the hard way. The unicycle will shoot forward, or get slapped by the pedal.

Keep on…

If you have a big, strong friend, you could hold onto their shoulder while they walked beside you. Terry, in his Today Show video, uses that method to help the host learn to ride (around 2:40). Anyway, that’d get you over the first pedal stroke.