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>Does anyone have sizing problems with the six-six-one leg

I don’t know yet. I ordered Large but it hasn’t arrived yet. I choose
large based on the “openings” on the Size Chart on the
website. I’m 6’0" tall and my legs are average width (breadth?
thickness? diameter? sturdiness? solidity? fatness? girth? acrossness?
cross section? radius? circumference?). :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil


I had a problem with them, but mine was leg girth I guess. I am 6’1" when I stand up really straight. I bought the high end size (the XL or whatever) and they would not fit me at all, mainly because they werent big around enough for my legs, no matter how I adjusted them.

So, to date, I just wear soccer shin guards and I hope that I dont hit my knees, and I suck up the occasional hit on the back of my legs and just accept it.


I’m 6’7" and I use the largest 661 size available. If I slide the pads all the way down to cover my shins the part that is supposed to come up and over your knee ends up just covering my knee cap. The circumference is about perfect for my fairly skinny legs.