Getting ready for Unicycling at Olympics

Our wish was for a yellow wheeled unicyle.

2013-07-02 17.56.56.jpg

You can use mine :wink: that’s cool

Nice Idea!!

Very nice! We were kicking around some t-shirt designs a while back that tried to do something with linking wheels reminiscent of the Olympic rings but different enough to not infringe on their copyright.

Borromean (boh-roh-me-an) rings would be much cooler.

Borromean rings look like interlocked rings except no two rings are linked ‘through’ one and other. Instead, they rely on the whole group to support the structure. Kind of a metaphor for unicycling really - having two pieces of the puzzle gets you nowhere but having all the pieces linked is something very special.

Cool, the Borromean rings would look great! Thanks for the suggestion.

Jacob, thanks again for the input. I think it’s going to look way better with Borromean rings.

borromean rings 03.jpg

It’s a good metaphor for some kinds of unicycling, at least, because the only way to get them to lie flat like that would be if the rims were all bent…