Getting Ready for NAUCC 2010

This is a video of 3 days filming, I’ve been riding a lot lately. Sorry for the mediocre (at best) filming, everything was either static shots or a random skater pointing the camera while fiddling with the zoom.

I hope you enjoy, and please comment! :slight_smile:

Edit: Vimeo will come later.

Julia!!! That was sooo good. Your flips are nice! and clean! you have progressed really really fast. I think you will beat me in flat.

Nice clean grinds. Looks like you’ve got crankflips dialed.

Haha whatever, you’ve got loads of flip tricks. Thanks though! And I will ride with you on Sunday! :smiley:

Lol your flips look really strange, but in an awesome way

awesome video, loved all the flips. the rail flip was sweet!
Keep up the the flips:D


Marry me :o I LOVE YOU!!!

I do I do I dooooo!!!

Sorry bro, I got dibs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to see you entering next stage, have a lt of fun while NAUCC!

Excellent Julia! Very nice crankflips down the stair sets. Also your grinds look really consistant.

nice grinding :slight_smile: and your flips look cool

Congratulation for winning Street comp. Some nice surprise is waiting for you tomorrow :wink:

Wow! Julia, this was great!
Congratulations on winning street, to both you and sophia, this has really got me wanting to at least learn crankflips, even though i’ll never get them. :smiley:
You’re getting so good so fast, im honoured to be mentioned in the credits! :sunglasses:
I hope what olaf has for you is what I think it is, if it is, you deserve it.

you have the nicest looking crankflips in the world!

how long did it take you to get crankflips??

Thanks everyone!

Too long. I’d been trying them for like a few months I think and then a couple weeks hardcore trying and then I got them.