Getting Pallets

How do I convince my parents to let me get pallets for trials riding?

help around the house or something, then when theyre in a good mood ask them, and tell them that you will put them away after you use them and keep them out of the way. that might work, unless you have parents like mine.

I’ve tried most of that and they still won’t let me even ask the Home Depot by my house.

ask them when theyre drunk!:stuck_out_tongue: ask really nicely and tell them that if you get them theres a change you could get sponsered and improve your self esteeme and confidence.

Just go ahead and get some, then when there like “why the hell is there aload of pallets in the garden” just like say “oh Im making a trials course.” Then they will be like “uh yea ok” then slowly you get more and more untill you have one great trials course and then you get even more and you will have a crazy awesome trials course and eveyone (well you mainly) will be happy. Easy and fool proof :smiley:

Ask repetedly, put post-it notes about it every were, change you voice mail to “get me paletts” and leave your phone off often.

same :frowning:

Just ask, if the place says you cant have them you dont need to say anything. If they say you can have them just tell your parents you have found a place and you are going to collect them. If your parents dont let you, revert to “plan b” big nife, stabby stabby :stuck_out_tongue:

you arent very good with this “plan b” thing are you, theyre supposed to be good, and actually work.

I wasn’t allowed to get any at start either, and then i just said, dad, since u got like 150 pallets at work (it’s actually true, i’ll try get a photo), can you bring 5 home one day, so i can train trials?
i’d ask this many times, and one day they were in a great mood, and they let me… :smiley: just ask a hole in their heads

I used to have a small collection of pallets. About 10, plus some neat skinnies and gapping bars. Things used to get stolen, I had to replace them and protect them from theft. I stacked five pallets and screwed them together, making a huge immovable block. Surely, that couldn’t get stolen. I screwed other pallets in piles of two and so. I was riding that for about a month.

Then, one day I came to my trials course only to find that all was gone. Completely cleaned out. It was the builders making a road who were supposed to clean the ditch my pallets were next to, and who cleaned the side instead - ripped out all the grass and took my trials course with them.

I was quite upset for a day. I spent so much time and effort collecting and maintaining those pallets, it was rather annoying they were all gone. But then I realised that all that all those pallets did was hold me down. I’d gotten into a small routine of doing the same things with them over and over and was going nowhere.

Now I just ride around the city and progress faster than ever. I don’t miss those pallets at all. Sure, they helped me a lot in the beginning, but eventually they just became dead weight.

Be creative about your lines. Train your eye to see them everywhere.

Well said Ivan! I do like the 5 pallets i’ve got now, because I’m kind of newbie!:smiley:

my parent’s big beef if that I’ll fall thought the hole in the pallets? Any suggestions?

You must be tiny.

Put a flat piece of wood on top and no more hole falling.

But really, the worst thing that can happen with the hole is getting your tyre caught in it.

unless you will have tham on concrete and have really brittle bones youll be fine, my parents said they wouldnt get me a uni cos id always be in hospital, but i have had more and worse accidents on a bike. tell them to stop worrying.

What type of pallets are you looking at?

The blue ones we have here have no way of me getting any body part into them.

The regular ones, I can probably get a finger in there if I actually tried. Then the poor quality ones I can probably step in between each board, but I put those ones on the bottom for the build up and put the big solid ones on top.

It seems like you all have nazi control freak parents. If you want some pallets just find some place where a bunch are hanging around and grab some. You could use those, theres nothing wrong with that. And if you’re parents say no and think you are going to get hurt then they probably don’t know what they are talking about. Pretty much any other sport is more dangerous than unicycling.

askwhy not?

imgetting15 freepallets and parents dont evenknowbut hteywill get overit.

Why are you not using the spacebar where needed?

I was going to say something along the same lines. Why do your parents have such a problem with you getting a few pallets?
Maybe you should go and start smoking, do some drugs, have underage sex and then go back and ask them about the pallets :roll_eyes: