Getting paint off chrome

Ok i am buying a frame 2nd hand.The guy has painted over the chrome apart from that it’s hardly used.Any way of getting it off? I am not that bothered how my uni looks to be honest but it i get the paint off i don’t wana mess up the chrome.So if i can’t it’s no “biggy”

Depends how well it was painted. Paint doesn’t stick very well to chrome so it will probably just scrape off with a credit card. If that doesn’t work then you’ll need some paint remover (Nitromors, etc).

The only concern would be if has been painted properly. The painter might have keyed the chrome frame with sandpaper so the paint sticks.

Nah, didn’t prep the frame before painting as I just wanted to see what it would look like black. There’s a layer or two of undercoat straight onto the chrome, then black matte in two layers on top. Just suitable paper should get it off, I tried getting it off and it’s not too hard with the right stuff.

Umm well o.w.s cheque is going in the post when i go out for my trials ride 2day. My dad said the sandpaper will scratch the chrome so i dnno what to do!

DON’T USE SANDPAPER!!! It’s for wood!!! I’ll find out what the stuff I used is called, it’s not very rough and dulls the chrome a little, but a little bit of polishing brings it up great!

cool cool! did you find the clamp?

It’s p*****g down with rain at the minute, so when it stops I’ll head up t’shed and take a ganders.

Paint on a chrome surface should disolve nicely with acetone. Don’t get it on your hands. Don’t breathe it.