getting paid to unicycle

i have made a lot of threads today but to the topic. what all jobs can you make money doing on a unicycle. i know of a few but i was wondering what ll of them are

Join the circus. You get free room and board too!

But honestly, it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot. Maybe owning a bike shop or something, or working as a manager at one, or something like that.

you can deliver newspapers/mail
you can join the unicycling brigade!!!(who needs tanks???)

Thats a dirty lie!

I am in a circus and I’d be lucky if it would pay rent. I do get paid but its not enough to quit my other jobs.


i’m starting work at the Cornish Maize Maze in july and they said ‘bring your unicycle and juggling balls/clubs along to entertain the visitors’ so i guess you could say in a way i’m getting paid to unicycle!

i’d unicycle for free but getting paid is a rather nice bonus…:wink:

Are there any funded graduate student positions at circus art schools? I’d go back to school and get a M.U.A. if the stipend is good.

i am also working on my juggling and I am going to start making balloon animals. along with them two things i am going to start doing some magic. with all of that stuff how many more jobs will that open