Getting on and off

I’m still busy learning and I can ride further now but I’m still having trouble getting on and off. To get on I put the unicycle pointing in front and push down on the pedal to bring the uni up under me. This usually works but is it it the right way? Also what other ways are there to mount?

And, getting off, whats the correct way to do it cos I just usually jump! :thinking:

There are several ways of getting on. These are called mounts. The expression “freemount” simply refers to a mount where you don’t lean on anything or “cheat” - which is most mounts, really. People who like that sort of thing learn several different mounts just for the sheer fun of it.

The one you’ve described sounds like the popular “rollback” mount. It’s good on smallish wheels (20/24 inch) but can be a bit of a handful on larger wheels. The advantage is it helps you with later skills like idling and reversing.

Another option is a simple static mount where you put the cranks horizontal, roll the uni back a tiny bit to lower the back pedal, then put your foot on the pedal, your crotch on the seat and spring forwards and up.

As for dismounting, the safest and most stylish way is to stop, with your weight on the rear (rising) pedal, then step down off the back. leaping off the front looks less stylish, and can be less controlled, so more likely to injure you, the unicycle, or somene else.