Getting New Companies Involved

I think we have all noticed that there arent enough companies making quality parts for us, im not trying to start a war on what is better, but basically profile is the only company making really good cranks and hubs for unicyclists, and from some of the forums ive been reading, profile needs to update theirs, what they have is a monopoly on us… i think we should somehow start communicating with more bmx and freestyle bike makers to get them into this buisness because im sick of reading forums where we discuss the lesser of two evils. Profile makes very good bike products but theyve gotten complacent in our field. Some of the companies i was think of where odyssey bmx, premium products, and primo bmx, all these compaines would have to do is design a good hub, and shorten their crank arms. I’ll wait to see what you guys have to say but if we let this die, then shame on us.

It is all about supply and demand. If there is a huge demand for products, companies will enter the arena with new and improved, cheaper products. They are not going to invest their resources(time, money, research, manufacturing, etc…) for no return on that investment. If the demand for these items was 100,000 a year, companies would be lining up to supply our sport. Best way to get new products is to create a demand. So spend some time teaching others how to ride!

actually, we are seeing many new companies making good hubs for unicycles. First profile, then KH, then onza, now torker. while the last three are not as good as the profiles, they are cheaper, which was the point. Since now almost anyone can afford a splined hub, we will see even more companies making good hub and crank sets.

Also, I think profile will start making their products better very soon. since new, cheaper hubs are available, the only people that will ride profiles will be the people who are doing huge stuff. and with the lifetime warranty, they will start to lose money, since people like ryan atkins break their cranks every month or two and get new ones for free. their only choice will be to make their cranks stronger so that people will not be breaking them so often.