getting mad?

hey for some reason then i ride and im trying tricks and stuff im getting really mad really fast. this never used to happen i used to do for hours falling and wacking my self. but now i get really mad. how can i stop this i dont want to be mad the whole time im rideing and it looks really gay to be mad and kicking ur uni and stuff.

don’t kick the unicycle
just get angry and don’t show it, then it will eventually go away

if you start gettign mad, just go and ride aorund for a while, cool down a bit

Stop doing your tricks and just ride do everything you know. Then you’ll realise why you started unicycling in the first place. I like to ride a few skinnies when I’m mad.

I got mad the other day trying to ride backwards but I suck at it and can only get like 6 revs so i threw my uni and since the front handle was cracked it completely came off on my torker lx so then I got even more mad since I now have to buy a new handle. So my advice is if you get mad don’t through your unicycle.:wink:

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot more of that this summer. I haven’t learned a lot of new tricks or anything, because usually I find it more fun to just do the stuff I can already do, but make it smoother, stuff like that.

I get really mad when I can’t land a trick or something for a long time…the I just give up or do easier stuff.

Breathe. In and out. Wax car. Wax on, wax off.
Catch fly with chopsticks.
This Miyagi way.

take it easy, sit back, relax, watch a NAUCC convention DVD and remember the happy times

Do easy tricks or lines, or take a break. Don’t throw/kick/punch stuff/your uni, that never turns out good.

bad salesman…

sometimes i get mad, but i just try to chill, and relax, and realize im just having an off day. but i never kick my uni. its my baby.

vent at something you didnt pay money for if your going to physicaly attack something use a blunt object like a stick and hit a tree or a sibbling if one is available

make some foam lightsabers (funnoodles w/ pvc inside)
give one to a friend and keep one for yourself
while you are angry beat the crap out of each other with these

hehe I’m gonna do that

that would be containment which would lead up to a huge outburst which would cause gordy to end up doing something drastic like dipping the uni in gas and lighting it up.
my advice would be to go home and dip your sisters flute in gas and lite that on fire.
thats still sort of drastic though.

I’v broken so much uni stuff throwing it. I killed a bc, i killed a frame, i killed a muni.


I don’t throw my uni. very much

my uni is to pretty looking to throw…

Huh? your uni isn’t pretty at all. Its stock kh frame and while pedals…

There really isn’t anything to do. It happens all the time to me. Try to ride on a good thought as long as possible. Then when you get mad either quit before it gets the best of you, or keep at it until you get so mad your uni breaks. haha. But stopping is always really difficult.

-Shaun Johanneson

I get mad when I try to practice hopping high. It isn’t fun but I want to be able to do it.

I have found that if I wear headphones and blast the music really loud then I don’t think about what I am doing as much so I can practice longer without throwing stuff.